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Our Firm:

Garrison and Associates, LLC is a company that thrives on increasing the profitability, educational capacity, and viability of the business organizations we serve. The consultants view business organizations as interconnected , cohesive entity. We approach each business organization in a holistic manner, ensuring that every need is addressed.

Our initial appointment with prospective clients, allows us to gain a personal and thorough overview of your business organization. This process enables us to assess your business organization's strengths and area(s) of need. From this information, Garrison and Associates, LLC will develop a comprehensive plan of action designed to address the presenting concerns, issues, challenges and/or barriers

Our Priorities and Values:

At Garrison and Associates, LLC, we thrive on providing exemplary customer service, through collaborative partnerships with our clients. Our primary goal is to help our clients excel and grow, into regional leaders in their communities.

Our Vision:

To be a catalyst and resource for established, new, and developing business organizations, through the provision of efficient, effective, innovative consulting services designed to enhance the operations of both privately owned and non-profit organizations, their owners, boards, and employees.

Garrison and Associates, LLC; New Orleans, LA

Telephone: 504.421.7447 Facsimile: 866.489.7967 

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